Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Did you know that BLOCKBUSTER video passed on buying NETFLIX for $40 million because they didn't understand their business model; it was too different for their traditional thinking. Now, most Blockbusters are shut down and Netflix has over 50+ million customers and is worth an estimated $19.7 BILLION.
Don't think like Blockbuster and miss out on huge business opportunities that are on the catapult of EXPLOSION!!!! Take a minute to Google Bill Gates, Donald Trumps and WallSt...reet Journals opinions and quotes on direct selling. They said if they lost it all and had to start over they would find a good network marketing company and get to work. Did you know 82% of women making over $100,000.00 per year are doing so through network marketing? It's the new business norm. It's a business in a box. It's a 1099 world.
No store front.
No employees.
No paperwork.
No inventory.
No debt to open or operate.
And you can join the first name brand IN THE WORLD to leave Estée Lauder's counter tops and entire direct sales RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!! What are YOU waiting for??

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