Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Yes! That's right we are gearing up to move into our new house. We have the movers scheduled for January 22 which is Barry's 30th Birthday! Happy Birthday Barry! I don't feel to bad because he has been planning a ski trip for some some time now and the deal is that he has to have us all moved in before he leaves the following week. I thought that would give me a chance to get the house all organized and have something to do while he is gone. SO, that means that these next couple of weeks are going to be a little crazy. I feel like I just did this. Oh well! I love to clean out so here goes!
The boys are doing great. They are super excited about adding ANOTHER brother to the mix. I can honestly say I am really excited about it! It's amazing the way the Lord prepares your heart. Leading up to my ultrasound I really thought I was having a girl. A few days before we went in the Lord gave me such sweet moments with my boys that made me realize how much I love my boys and another one would be just fine. I rest in the Lord knowing that he gives us exactly what we need and when we need it. Thank you Lord!