Friday, September 11, 2009

"Will it Ever End"

I am so ready for all this suffering to stop. I know deep in my heart that we have to endure it so that we can cling to our almighty Savior but it is still so hard to watch and experience. I can't help but think, God is Good! God is Good! God is Good! But right now I am having a hard time believing that. As I got the phone call yesterday about our dear friend John Carlton I literally fell to the floor in disbelief. This isn't suppose to happen to one of my best friends. "NO LORD, PLEASE NO!" Please pray for my dear friend Kirsten and her precious boys as she is about to approach some difficult days ahead.

Psalms 138:8
"The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me."


  1. I haven't stopped thinking about them since hearing the news yesterday! I can't imagine the pain you are all experiencing! Please know that I'm praying!!!

  2. Morgan, my heart is just ACHING. I just keep crying, thinking of sweet Kirsten and her precious boys. I can't even imagine how those of you closer to them feel. I am praying for you all too, I know the burden has been so heavy lately. Please let me know if anyone needs anything! Right now I feel so helpless, like I just want to DO something