Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Life Changing income!!!

Life-Changing Income at Age 23

Lindsey Griffin, Level V Leader and Lexus Qualifier
While many of her peers are just graduating from college, working two or three jobs to pay off student loans, living with roommates, or even their parents, Lindsey Griffin is unique for her age in that she enjoys complete time freedom and no financial worries. She's a self-made entrepreneur all because of a decision to try something new.
A college graduate as of April 2012, Lindsey is completely debt-free; she's a new home owner and enjoys an income that rivals most corporate CEOs. What's more, it's growing at 100% annually. She’s building a national team and a significant six-figure income, all of this from a small city in Montana.
But her outlook three years ago was very different. Like any student, she was facing years of loan payback, puny starting salaries and night jobs.
In 2009, she decided to try a leveraged approach to earning money - a royalty residual -- and she joined Dr. Rodan + Dr. Fields in their new company. What caught her attention is the Doctors' strategy to do for aging skin what they did for acne through the invention and distribution of Proactiv.
In a culture where we spend 40 years, working 40 hours a week to live on 40% of our income, Lindsey has completely redefined conventional thinking at a very young age.
Just a few days ago, February commissions closed and Lindsey learned that her business has grown to the point where she’s qualifying to receive a brand new Starfire Pearl Lexus from Rodan + Fields. And, she’s earned an all-expense paid trip to Napa Valley with the two founding Doctors and a lifestyle of travel and luxury she had previously not imaged. In fact, recently, Lindsey was flown in for a video shoot with Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields for their new REDEFINE commercial. “Where else can we help others with their self-esteem and their health, and help them pay the bills and grow personally in their lives? For us, this was the perfect combination of business and purpose,” said Lindsey. Lindsey and her mom had a dream of someday going into business together. They discussed opening a retail boutique, but in the down economy, that seemed too risky. For less than a $1,000, why not start a turn-key business with a trusted brand and a product that customers needed to repurchase frequently to enjoy healthy, younger-looking skin?
Afterall, we're all aging all the time, and Lindsey simply asked, "Why not me?"
Success has become a family affair, not just for Lindsey but many on her team.
“Soon after my Mom and I joined, my older sister saw the vision and started her Rodan + Fields business. Jamie was a finance professional and she carefully reviewed the business model and compensation plan and knew what she had in her hands,” explains Lindsey. "I knew I was really onto something then."
“Less than a year after starting, my sister, Jamie, retired from career in finance and was staying home working around her kids, my niece and nephew. I was beyond thrilled and I knew the possibilities for me, for her, my family, my friends and team were truly without limits.” Lindsey's business is now in all 50 states and poised to launch into international markets in early 2014. She's competing with global brands in a very large and growing market using an iPhone and common sense.
Partners who are passionate about your success

When asked what she attributes her success to, Lindsey answers, “Chosing great partners, partners with a stellar reputation and products that really work, but also company that has technology and training that makes building a business mananagable and doable in part-time hours. I'm learning something new all the time! Also, being a part of a company that has a culture of support and camaraderie is important. I’m in business for myself, but not by myself. My success has been a collaborative effort all the way with my business partners and my team.”

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