Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Take 1 minute to read this!!!

They told us we would be a billion dollar global brand, as recognizable as Coke, Nike and Apple.... The media began to RAVE over our products. Harvard, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal recognized our business model. The next event that I got to attend just two weeks ago there were 6,500 people. We have been one of the ONLY companies, along with LinkedIn, who have grown from $0 - $200 million in 60 months, during the recession and RAPIDLY approaching a billion dollar brand. Winning the same award Apple did in 2011, having 358% growth in 24 months, winning more DSA awards at once than any other company ever has, producing more millionaires in their first 60 months than any Direct selling company ever has, and making the top 100 global list without even being global, R+F has broken records left and right! I can't even believe these Dr's allow us to be a part of this! No other company who's experiencing this kind of growth is distributing commissions nationally. LinkedIN would laugh you and I away if we asked for 31% of their earnings of customers we brought on! But it's happening for us guys!! I love this company!!! #onceinalifetimeopportunity


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