Monday, August 10, 2009

"My Big Ole Jesus Swimmer"

It was a BIG week at the Rush household. On Monday night Barrett asked Jesus into his heart. Yeah, I know you are saying he is so young and this will be one of many but he was determined. We have been doing this devotional at night and it was about heaven. It stirred his little mind and he wanted to know how he could go to heaven one day. We told him whenever he has ready he could ask Jesus into his heart. He was ready. I am sure this will be one of many but you have to start somewhere. Later in the week JoAnne said, "Barrett I see Jesus in your eyes." and he said, "No you don't Jesus has a beard." I thought that was pretty precious.
The house we have been staging has a swimming pool and we have enjoyed it so much. It has given us an opportunity to really work with Barrett on his swimming skills. He decided this week that he would take off on his own. Branton on the other hand decided to jump in on his own but not to swim to sink. It was pretty scary but luckily Dad was there to rescue him in slow motion.

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