Monday, August 3, 2009

"A Weary Weekend"

Where do I begin... On Friday the 24th my sister's brother-n-law went missing. He was found on Thursday the 30th and sad to say he didn't survive. It was a tragedy to say the least. I wish I could share all the details but it is a mystery in and of itself. I got a phone call Thursday morning it was the voice of my sister wanting to be with her family so my mom and I loaded up the car and headed to Dallas. His wife and three daughters don't know what to think or much less how to approach another day. The Lord showed me so much through this weekend. Without Him we have no reason to live. I am so thankful that I know Him in a way that gives me hope. It gave me a new perspective on reaching and saving those that are so lost. It was a "Weary Weekend" because when others don't have the hope in heaven or in Jesus Christ where does their hope come from? I was so blessed to get to help my sister with her precious children and just be there for her. Isn't that what family is suppose to do?